Our objective  is to reduce energy consumption of Residential premises. By reducing energy consumption, the owners/tenants (customers), community, county and state of Texas will benefit by way of energy savings and reduction of energy generation. In order to achieve these savings, energy performance assessments, performed by competent and well trained professionals, are critical. Assessments results will show problems/issues needed to be addressed in order to achieve energy reduction. For maximum results, assessments will check home insulation (Air leakage on windows, external doors, etc), and the integrity of air conditioning/heating system ducts. The assessment begins with an on-site visit from one of our Operations Managers. The Operations Manager and the customer will discuss the intention of the "Entergy -Energy Efficiency Program"; and how an Energy Assessment, together with some improvements to the home, can help to reduce the customer's electric bill. The Operations Manager will then explain in detail what the assessment is about and suggest what kind of improvements can be made to the home to reduce the energy consumption. Likewise, the Operations Manager will explain to the customer that the assessment and the improvements to the home are totally free of cost to them.


  • Save money on your electric bill.
  • Minor repairs at no cost to you!
  • Makes your home feel more comfortable.